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Rajasthan Culture
There is much more to know about Rajasthan than its topography and climate. Otherwise how else can one explain the ever growing flow of tourists towards the State in spite of the extremity of its temperature and remorseless sand storms?
Rajasthan as a State is a unique blend of history and modernity. The state has a heritage of courage and valour that passes down generations till date.
The richness of its artefacts and the coloured vibrancy of the costumes and traditional attires are alluring for the first timers. There are palaces, forts and havelis littered across the State that stand as a living testimony of its past and creates an ambience of hybridism that is magical and seemingly unreal. Tall camels galloping beside modern cars on the city streets, wooden artefacts and colourful costume shops that accept all the major credit cards, elephants welcoming its guests by throwing rose petals in a five star heritage hotel; well all these and more happens only in Rajasthan!

Dance & Music

It’s a beautiful way of expressing emotions. Unsophisticated, dancing is visible in fairs and festivals. Dance on Rasiya songs Charkala of Braj, are a beautiful expression of joy and happiness. The famous ghoomar dance of Rajasthan originates from ghoomna. It shows an eye-catching display of ravishing flowing ghagras. The snake dance by the Kalbeliya snake charmers’ community is worth appreciating. The dancers wear long embroider black skirts with their bodies’ moving acrobatically, like rubber in a sensuous performance.

Traditions preserved :

There are very few communities and States which could preserve its native culture and tradition against the onslaught of modernity. Rajasthan is perhaps the only state that has preserved its culture and even modified modernity to further glorify traditions. No matter where you stay during your trip to the State and where you roam, it is improbable that you will not come across Rajasthani culture and traditions. Be it in the form of folk dances and song performances at the hotel courtyard or be it in the form of the traditional artefacts in your hotel room, or be it in the form of the traditional hospitality while dining at a restaurant; you cannot overlook how culture has permeated modernity in the State!
Foodaholics! :
Talk about Rajasthani culture and traditions; you cannot afford to rule out the importance of food as an aspect of its tradition. The restaurants in the state are the rarest spots in the country where native thalis and traditional foods not only find a mention in the menus, but also boast of being the hottest selling food items.
Rajasthan certainly is much more than its forts, its history, its sands, its food or its culture. Rajasthan Tour is an enchanting experience that comes from the fusion of all these in a modern setting that has surprisingly enriched its history rather than replacing it.
GeTS Holidays, we will ensure you a true experience of medieval Rajputana culture with modern day amenities.
Cuisine :
Rajasthan means land of princes. So the cuisines of Rajasthan are often complicated exotic dishes. The cuisines of Rajasthan are also adapted to warlike nature of medieval Rajasthan and availability of ingredients. So these dishes could survives for many days. . Scarcity of water, fresh green vegetables also have had their effect on cooking. In the desert belt of Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner, cooks use a minimum of water and prefer, instead, to use more milk, buttermilk and clarified butter. A distinct specialty of the Maheshwari cooking is use of dry mango powder as a substitute of tomato and use of asafetida, to enhance the taste in the absence of garlic and onions.
Arts :
Rajasthan is a heritage state and very rich in term of folk arts and crafts. Be it stone or cotton or wool or leather or metals or ivory or lacs or glass. The golden touch of rajasthani craftsmen is enough to convert it into art forms. Rajasthan has also very rich tradition of miniature painting. The effect of warlike status is a notable element of all traditional Rajasthani arts and crafts. Jaipur meenakari is famed for its delicacy and its use of colours. Rajasthan is rich in jewellery, each area having its own unique style. Some of the traditional designs are rakhri, tirnaniyan, bala, bajuband, gajra, gokhru, jod, etc. A common sight in the curio and gift shops of Jaipur is boxes, tables and trays with brass or copper inlay work. There are back lanes in Jaipur that ring with the sound of diamond-tipped chisels and hammers, carefully chipping away at blocks of marble and red or yellow sandstone.
Festivals :
Fair and festivals are integrated parts of Indian culture. They are celebrated like carnival in India. These events changed monotony of life and bring some joy and laughter. Festivals like Diwali, Dasshara, Holi, Id, Christmas etc celebrated in every parts of the country and is integrated part of Indian life. But every Indian region has some fair or festival unique to its cultural identity. In Rajasthan this events celebrated like European carnivals. So attending these folk festivals is an essential ingredient of cultural and heritage tour of Rajasthan. So plan your Rajasthan holiday will GeTS Holidays and we will fill colour of these festivals in your life.
Religion :
Rajasthan is a land of religious harmony. Though known as land of Rajputs, rulers of rajasthan patronize every religions and it has some important center of Hinduism, Jainism and Muslim religion. Ajmer is the first and foremost canter of Muslims in India with the mausoleum of Saikh Chistie. Pushkar is one among five most sacred places for Hindus. Mount Abu and Ranakpur is famous for their Jain temples. So if you are looking for a religious tour Rajasthan worth a choice.
These are glimpses of culture of Rajasthan. It is impossible to describe the Rajasthan culture, so if you want to feel it just calls GeTS Holidays.
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